Saturday, July 15, 2017

Quilting a BIG quilt!

Trying to get two big quilts ready for my guild's September show...
may have taken on a bit much
 as I also have two smaller quilts and a table runner to quilt,
all of them to bind and make 
hanging sleeves and labels!

The show is not for two months ....
that's enough time...

Things were going along smoothly
quilting up my 2015 BOM "Snapshots" 
from the Fat Quarter shop...

Using utensils and a trusty blue wash out marker
worked on my boarder design using a walking foot.
Lots of stops and starts...
Lots of burying threads!!

But I'm happy with how it came out!
Machine quilting is always a challenge for me...
 my Janome 6600 makes it a bit easier!!

Next challenge is what to do with those
uneven and offset sashing!!
toying with a simple vine and leaf design...

Love and empty spool! 
Means I've been busy!
Even better when I have another one handy!!

Big OOPS!!
Totally forgot about the photo transfer picture on the back of the quilt!

When the blue water soluble marker disappeared and the area dried...
this is what greeted me :(
The photo from the back (which I forgot to treat)
decided to bleed thru to the front!!

Will have to come up with a creative fix for this!!!

My second big quilt is an appliqué and sashiko quilt 
from a Sylvia Pippen design

It has been basted (by a longer friend!)
with a double batt (wool on top of Request)
Now the challenge is to quilt out the design in my head!!
Cross your fingers!!

That's what under my needle for the next few weeks!

Till next time!

Have a great Quilty Day and enjoy the process!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

trip to the New England Quilt Museum

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of going to the New England Quilt Museum
with a Quilty friend Ronni - she's a retired art teacher
which made this trip extraordinary!

Usually I go look at the quilts
take a few pictures of my favorites
look around...
and I'm out the door...
an hour max...

My trip with Ronni was a bit different....

We started with the "Twisted" exhibit
it is "modern quilts with a Vintage Twist"
selected quilters were given fragments of unfinished vintage quilts -
 their mission was to incorporate the piece into a modern quilt thus
creating "past combined with present"
Each quilt was awe inspiring!

As Ronni and I walked around we stopped and discussed each quilt,
what made each quilt "pop", 
what we like about each quilt,
how the quilter utilized their vintage piece....
and since Ronni is a retired art teacher 
I gained a different perspective on viewing quilts!

Below are a few of my favorites
unfortunately I didn't take shots of the descriptions
so I can not give credit to the very talented quilt makers and quilters.

Just loved the simplicity of this one,
using just a small amount of the vintage quilt,
and the quilting - out of this world!!

This on reminded me of picking daisy's when I was a kid,
and blowing them into the wind!

You have to just love the Rick-Rac on this quilt!!

The quilt maker of this beauty cut up the vintage quilt 
to create the petals of the Dahlia flower and 
then the quilter recreated the Dahlia in thread - 
just outstanding!

This quilt stood out from across the room
with it's vibrant colors and beautiful quilting.
Although I've never been a fan of orange it works beautifully here 
set off against the chocolate background.

Once Ronni and I finished Oogling and the "Twisted" quilts
we ventured into the main exhibit...

"The Quilt Takes A Prize"
Award winning quilts from the National Quilt Museum - Paducah KY.

These 41 of the most exquisite quilts from the past 30 years!

My take away from this exhibit was how far quilting has come,
but yet how much it has stayed the same!
Does that make sense?!

All the quilts were made by master quilters of their time,
but these are just a very few of my favorite quilts for different reasons!

"Air Show"
by Johnathan Shannon - 1992

My absolute favorite! 
Mostly because my son Matthew is a pilot,
he has seen this quilt, and very mush likes it...
and no I will not be attempting anything like this
not even for him!!
I had seen this quilt in the National Museum
when my sister and I visited in 2007 -
I bought Matthew a postcard!
That's as close as he'll come to a quilt like this!!!

"Chasing Bubbles"
by Hiroko and Masanolu Miyama - 2015
The husband and with team that created this outstanding quilt
are just to be marveled at!
Another all time favorite of mine.
Just love the translucency of the bubbles
and the details ...

"The Value of Gears"
by Judith Phelps - 2013
This quilt drew me in, 
not sure if it was the subject matter 
or the intricacy of it... the detail was just incredible.
Love how the gears in the middle block shine - 
it was due to the lighting in the museum,
made a dramatic affect.

"It's Not Summer Yet"
by Inge Mardal - 2001
The beach houses - goodness knows I love the beach
so this beautiful quilt stood out from across the room!

"Mountain Pleasant Miners"
by Nancy Brown - 1993
Now for most people this wouldn't be a favorite,
but since my hubby loves to gold pan - I fell for this quilt!!
The quilt was inspired from an 1870's photograph!

There were so many other beautiful quilts that Ronni and I chatted over,
these are just a few.
We spent two hours in the museum!

After lunch out and a quick stop at
The Quilted Crow in Bolton!

Thank you Ronni for a delightful day
and for my present!!!

We already are planning our next trip up to see
"Threads of Resistance"
and "Summer Celebration of New England Quilts"

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Days moving Too Fast? Too Slow? Where did they go?

"The Days are Long...
but the Years are Short"

Just love that phrase and that's exactly how I feel.

I can't believe it's been Months since my last post ... 
but the quilting continues - really it does!!
But caring for an elderly parent with Dementia takes a toll on a person,
so finding the time to actually sit and blog has been nonexistent - 
I'd rather sit and stitch!

But today was the day to update this page!
Jimmy Buffet is playing, the sun is shining, and the air conditioner is on! 
Which is why I can have a nice cup of HOT tea!!

So grab your beverage of choice and see what's been happening!

What do you think... Too many projects??

This spring I had the opportunity to give a few lectures and workshops to fabulous quilt guilds!
In February Shining Tides in Westport Ma invited me to do my 
"Quilting ADHD" lecture and sashiko workshop.
The next night Artful Hands of Mansfield invited me to do my sashiko hands-on lecture.
In March The Greater Hartford Quilt Guild hosted my "Quilting ADHD" lecture.
April found me at the Narragansett Bay Quilter's for "Quilting ADHD" lecture and my
"Tote Bag" workshop.
Just love traveling around sharing my quilts and quilting journey!

Spent some time cleaning my quilting room and 
getting quilt tops ready to take to my Quilty Longer friend to baste.
Just hate that part of the quilting process, and there are just too many of them!
So off go these three and three more!!
See ya when your basted!!

Working on an elephant quilt for my hubby!
My favorite is the one that's hiding!!
The cream one on the darker background...
didn't plan it that way ... but it works!
The elephants. are needle turn appliqué using a stencil,
I drew the elephant onto the back of the fabric, 
used a few dots of glue to position the elephants in place 
and then just needle turned my way around!

Decided in January or February???
(Oh No can't remember must be catching my mom's Dementia!!)
Anyway - decided to treat myself to the monthly Quilty Box from Fat Quarter Shop!
So exciting receiving Quilty mail!!
Love that their box is the same color as a Tiffany jewelry box!!
Just saying!!!

In April my Guild (Silver City Quilt Guild) hosted Karen Echmeier for a lecture and workshop...
She was fabulous! Loved her energy - so much so we are having her back in two years!!

Here is my "Accidental Landscape" created in Karen's workshop!
My hubby has already claimed it as his!!

Back track to March!
Silver City had a field trip to Pro Chem in Fall River Ma
to do Shibori ... SO MUCH FUN!!!

Here is the prep work for a heart block

Stitch ... stitch .... stitch...

soak in the indigo dye...
let dry...
let dry...
and Voila!! 
a Beautiful Indigo Heart!!
I have definite plans for this block.... Shhhh....!!!

All of my samples from a day of Shibori at Pro Chem!

In the midst of caring for mom and going to guild workshops
hubby and I (well mostly me!) decided to repaint all three of the bedrooms
in the house! wall and woodwork (dark brown to white!)
So happy with the new coastal look of our bedroom,
not showing the before but trust me it was looking very 90's hotel theme!
Spent too much time watching HGTV room make overs back in the 90's!!

Sent hubby to Florida to go fishing with his childhood friend!
He actually caught a 130 pound tarpon!!
Holy Smokes!!
He had fun - and so deserved the vacation time!

My son Matt came home for a visit and brought his fiancee!!
This was the first time we had the chance to meet Emily...
She's a keeper (we're a fishing family!!)
Such a sweet girl - they are very well suited for one another!

The week after Matt and Emily left, my daughter - Victoria came to visit!!
We spent the week hanging out and shopping!!

Bella and Stella at a good moment during the week!!
You can plainly see this living room needs an update!
It's next on the painting parade!!

In May, Silver City hosted Kathy Beltz who taught Rangley Stars,
this is the center block finished in class.

and here is the completed wallhanging - ready for quilting!

While my daughter was here it gave a chance for hubby and I 
to get out to MY favorite place ... 
Horseneck Beach in Westport Ma
(actually any beach!)

the three mile walk we do is fabulous - wished I could do it every day...
maybe someday!

Can't help myself - just have to pick up every piece of sea glass I can find!!

Working on a Sea appliqué quilt, four out of nine blocks done...

loving how it's coming out...
but my Quilty ADHD is kicking in and it needs something...

Embroidery Embellishing!!
That's it!
What do you think?

Just adds a little pizazz!!

And now ... to finish up.... 
here is what's under my machine at the moment.
It's "Snapshot" a 2015 BOM from Fat Quarter shop.

Need to get this quilt (and 8 others!!) ready for Silver City's September Quilt show!!
Better get back to quilting!

Nice catching up with you!

Have a great Quilty Day and enjoy the process!


Thursday, February 23, 2017

English Paper Piecing and a few Comfort Quilts!

Spent some time cleaning out my stash!
Filled two grocery bags full of fabric and quilt tops
to donate to the Comfort Quilt Programs at
Silver City Quilt Guild and
Rhododendron Needlers Quilt Guild
need to support both my guilds!!

These quilt tops have been sitting for years…
that tells me I'm never going to finish them
and it's time to let them go…
that way someone could enjoy them!

Really like the way SCQG and RNQG 
are handling their Comfort Quilt Program…
A member makes a top, another member quilts the quilt
and then another member binds the quilt!
It is a great group effort!

In between sending six quilts to 
Mad About Quilts to be basted (Hate that job!)
I've started an English Paper Piecing project!
Not that I need another project…
but what can I say this one spoke to me!!

Sue Daley's "Quatro Colours"
The pieces are just the right size for me!
Have to admit I have the whole 
Millefiori, New Hexagon and La Passacaglia collections
but for some reason found them intimidating daunting!
But this CUTIE seemed very doable!

Two of my quilt friends
Linda and Ronni
gave me a way too cute box for quilty stuff
it works perfect for my Quatro Color pieces!

One side fits all the tools and my needle book!
the other side is great for the papers and pieces!

My first paper pieced flower!!
(fabric from Bonnie and Camille)

So CUTE!!!

Have a great Quilty Day and enjoy the process

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Another quilt retreat!

January was definitely Quilt Retreat month!
I had the opportunity to get away to my second retreat 
a few weeks ago - so wonderful to get out with other quilters!
The creativity was just outstanding!!

My days were spent working on two different donation quilts,
one for SCQG's Comfort Quilt program and the other for
Quilts of Valor (ran out of sashing fabric so could not finish that one!)

Here is my pile of cut fabric for a disappearing 9 patch

Using a speckled background batik fabric
and bright 5" precut batik squares-
it was fun putting it all together
then slicing it up!

rearranging it, 

and then stitching it back together!

now it just needs some boarders
(which were left at home!!)
 and it will be ready for someone in the guild to quilt!!
Hopefully it will go to someone who really needs a bit of comfort!

After returning from my fabulous three day retreat
it was time to get serious and get quilt tops and backs ready
to be basted - since that is NOT my favorite job
and I have FIVE that need to be done 
I'm opting to send them
out to be basted! 
Here are three ready to go!

This is a block that all go on the back of my "Snap shots" 
quilt - pattern was a BOM last year from the Fat Quarter Shop.
Such a fun quilt to make!
Since in was a camera - it just call for a family photo!

more photos of the quilts once they are basted
and I start quilting them on my Janome 6600!
Can't wait! Need to get them all quilted
for SCQG's show in September!!
May even have two more to add to the pile by then!!

Let's not forget 
Super Bowl 51
LOVE those Patriots!!
Usually I can appliqué while watching the game…
but not this one! 
Emotions were all over the place…
they were off to a horrible start - so depressing, then
they woke up came to life and made the greatest come back in history!
It's funny everyone is down on the Patriots for always winning…
well I grew up watch a Dad who support the worst loosing team ever!
He had seasons tickets and went to every game … and they mostly always lost!
He still stuck by them…
I'm sure he was looking down from is 50 yard line seat in heaven
and was over joyed at such a come back win!
Thinking of you Dad - miss ya <3

Ok tears dried … now back to quilting!