Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Taupe fabrics ... love the serenity

Lately I've been working on a few long term applique projects,
cleaning out and rearranging my sewing room,
and just generally. getting used to not being a care taker.
It's a more difficult transition than I thought it would be.

This little project was a blessing!
Working with the taupe fabrics gave me
serenity and peace of mind.
Feeling a bit more focused!

Mt sister had a special birthday yesterday ~70!
SO something special was definitely needed!

It started with a  Yoko Saito kit ~ but I didn't have the time
or patience to put in the zipper and actually follow the directions! 

With the appliqué was completed 
~taking longer than expected and coming out smaller than expected~
I added a small panel of fabric to create a clutch type bag
with a hidden invisible magnetic snap for the closure!



Entire back once opened

Opened with the lining in my sister's
favorite color ~ RED!

This ended up becoming a fun little project,
might just have to make one for myself!

Sister's birthday present was a BIG hit!
She Loved it!!

                                Have a great Quilty Day and enjoy the process!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Quilts of Japan at New England Quilt Museum

The "Quilts of Japan" exhibit at the New England Quilt Museum

The workmanship that was on display - just unbelievable!
Here are just a few of my favorites!
For some reason I forgot to take pictures of the 
information cards - sorry no credits

In the classroom was the one women exhibit by
a prolific quilter from New Hampshire.
All of these quilts are incredible and even more
awe inspiring considering the fact she made them
while working full time as a doctor and director of
health care services at a major NH college!!

I had the pleasure of meeting Gladi last fall
and rooming with her at the 2017 Houston Quilt Show!
Just a remarkable women!

She designs all of her own quilts, 
(some have been featured in magazines!)
needle turn appliqués and hand quilts most all of them.
Gladi has a fabulous eye for color...
enjoy a few of my favorites from her exhibit.

Till Next Time....
            Happy Quilting 

Workshop at Pro Chem!

Last month was filled with two guild sponsored workshops!
The first was fabric dyeing and printing
at Pro Chem in Fall River Ma.

Oh My Gosh! SO much FUN!!!
painting and stamping and creating new fabric!!
Below is what I was able to create at the workshop...
now to cut it all up and create a few neat pieces!!

The second workshop was Improv Piecing 
taught by Timna Tarr (Fabulous teacher!)
This is WAY out of my wheel house!!
but after a day of sorting scraps, cutting, recutting
this is what I came up with!!!

Applique! more my wheel house!!
The saga of my Ladies of the Sea Continues!
This is block 8 of the nine that I've selected.

Sue Garmen's original "Ladies of the Sea"
has 16 scooters and a very elaborate applique boarder...
Since I'd like to finish it this year I'll be scaling back the boarder...
more on that later!

This New England winter just does not want to quit!!

New snow sure is pretty,
but it's April ... enough is enough already!!

Since it's chilly, snowy or rainy outside
the need for a bit of Spring inside was in order....
mission accomplished!
 with bouquets of bright fresh flowers!

Till Next time...
              Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Workshops and a cancelled Retreat

February 2018 was a blur for me...
with the passing of my mom ... things seemed to just slow down
even though my schedule had been filled with retreats and workshops...

needing to find my way and my purpose again...
quilting helps.

The Dresden Neighborhood Workshop
put on by my guild ~ SCQG was a blast!
Michelle Banton of Little Pup Designs
was a fabulous instructor!
Using Kim Lapacek's pattern, Mistyfuse and a Dresden ruler
workshop participants created their very own Dresden Neighborhoods! 

Using a cute house fabric for the background and
Cherrywood fabrics for the houses -
This was as far as I got!

It doesn't look like much, but once the
windows, doors and roofs are fused on
the neighborhood will come to life...
for now - my neighborhood is
still Under Construction!

My third retreat with RNQG started off beautifully!
The Sea Crest Resort in just unbelievable - even in the winter!

Arriving on Thursday morning I set up my sewing space 
but just didn't feel like sewing ...
Retail Therapy - YES! that's what was needed!
Off to Falmouth Center to meander in and out of all the small shops!

By the afternoon I was mentally ready to Sit and Sew.
Started working on my third star from the 
"Nantucket" pattern by Thimble Blossoms
using fabrics from Bonnie & Camille.

This smaller Star of Bethlehem is a nice manageable size!
The pattern calls for nine of them - very do-able!
Not sure I could manage a larger size without my eyes bugging out!!

The quilting room the Sea Crest provided was fabulous - 
everyone had an 8 foot table and electrical outlet!
So much space to work on projects, chat with outer retreaters
and enjoy the "Quilty" atmosphere!
And the Food - to Die for! Hats off to the Chief!

My room was just wonderful...
Comfy bed, nice chair to relax and applique and 
a beautiful view of the ocean!
too bad I was only able to enjoy it for one night...

The first of Three Nor'easters hit Friday afternoon 
and by Friday 5:30pm the hotel lost all power!
But they were able to provide a delicious hot meal for dinner!
After dinner everyone went back to their rooms- 
some sat in the quilting room and chatted.
I needed time alone - my mood was still low...
thankfully I had packed my battery operated light
which made doing my applique possible!

By morning the worst of the storm had passed,
however the hotel was still without power and
unsure as to when their power would be returning
(it was without power for a few days!)
the hotel had to close.

SO back home we all went - 
the four day retreat lasted 24 hours! 
Good news is the hotel is not charging anyone
and will set up another retreat for us!!


Keeping up with my Temperature Quilt has been a good
way to sew a little something each day

( you can follow me on Instagram - temperaturequilt )

This is my color chart - makes it easy to pick
my fabrics each day!

February had Lots of days in the 20's and 30's!!
Since it was too "plain" for me - embroidery was necessary!
The name of each month is embroidered at the top,
along with any "special" weather condition...
Snowflake, wind, rain etc...

February 5th 
my way of honoring my mom...

Slowly getting my "Quilty Groove" back!

Set up a portable design wall in the guest bedroom and I'm using it!!
Each daily Flying Geese block makes two left over half square triangles~
which just could not be wasted!!

SO the creation of two more temp quilts!!
On the top are 1" (finished) squares in a strip
and the left is a "calendar" temp quilt!

Loving seeing the colors of the day!
Not sure what will become of all these Temp Quilts - but its FUN!

My mom's bedroom is getting a makeover!
It will become the Guest Room and my "Quilting Annex"!!!

A place to put up my portable design wall and the portable pressing station 
which is well designed in my head! Now to just set it up!
More on that later!

My 'Fancy Forest' is finally coming together!
All four quadrants will get sewn together - This Week!!

In the mean time ... I whipped up a cute little Irish Chain quilt
from a Maywood Studio Pods Pre-cut Project.
Just what I need right now - easy peasy!!
The binding is all made and wrapped around a Binding Baby
by Doohikey Designs
Had the chance to meet Shari Butler in Houston - what a nice gal!
Of course I had to get the Binding Baby with the ear muffs!
So New England!!

Nor'easter Number THREE rolled in yesterday
dumping 16" of heavy snow!
Number four is expected early next week!!

The snow is Beautiful - until you have to shovel!!
But being snowbound is a great way to slow down and 
appreciate the small things in life we sometimes take for granted - 
heat, running water, hot food ... Hot Coffee!!
Thankfully the power stayed on while the blizzard raged outside!

Till next time ...

Have a great Quilty Day and enjoy the process!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Houston Quilt Festival, Nature, Christmas and Quilting thru Grief

The past three months have been a whirl wind of events in my life. During that time - a much needed step back was taken ... but now it's time ... time to get back to some sort of normalcy ...

Back in November I had the opportunity to attend the International Quilt Festival in Houston ... it seems like so long ago ... This was my first experience attending the show - and it did not disappoint!

Originally I was attending alone - 
but by chance my guild's guest speaker last October ~ Gladi Porche  
had mentioned she had always wanted to go ... 
so with that I threw out the invitation  
~~Well I'm going and I have a room to myself so if you can get there - you can stay with me~~ 
mind you I had Just Meet this women!! 
and yup you guested it she took me up on the offer - and we had a wonderful time!! 
Life can be just full of surprises!

The only way to travel! English Paper Piecing on the plane ...
and yes! Security let me thru with my tiny scissors!

The view of Quilt Festival just before the doors opened!!

There She is...
Funky Garden on Red hanging at Quilt Festival!!!

Had to go and visit her!!

What a thrill it was to see the Original "Ladies of the Sea" made by Sue Garman ...
Just awe inspiring!

Got a chance to snap a quick photo with Yoko Saito! 
Her quilts were just incredible - the intricacy and the soft taupe colors just draw you in.

Most of my time was spent looking (ogling!) Yoko Saito and Sue Garman's quilts 

Close up of one of Yoko Saito's quilts

And the Cherrywood Van Gogh exhibit was just out of this world ...
I though it was even better than the "Wicked" and "Lion King" displays from past years ...
maybe it was all the blue!!!

And Ya have to Love Danny Amazona's family of Golden Retrievers.

Not sure why ... but I LOVED this quilt!! Just so Funky!!

Once home and back to reality it was time to whip up a quick birthday gift for my
nephew's little girl who turned five and loves mermaids!!

December my mom celebrated her 93rd birthday.
She was living in a nice memory care unit ... 
and she thought everyone was there celebrate her birthday!! 
The memory care unit was also hosting their annual Family Holiday Party!!
SO cute!

 My sister and I gave her a nice big cake - 
enough for plenty of left overs for the staff!

With Christmas arriving - that means Santa face cookies in the Elia house!
Victoria, Matthew and Emily made a nice batch this year!!

Tree trimming was - as usual - fun trying to find enough branches for all the ornaments!
We have had the same artificial Christmas tree for 34 years!! 
It's a bit lacking in the needle department - but we just can't part with it!!
or the 200 ornaments!!

Victoria and Stella!!

Matthew and Emily ... 
she was introduced to so many Elia Christmas traditions,
I think her head was spinning!! 
But she was great - they are perfect for each other!!
SO happy for them ... and NO - no date set yet!!
They are enjoying their engagement!!

The Meal!!
Prime Rib Roast Beast!! and Stuffed Cornish Game Hens!!

Annual Elia Christmas Selfie!

Before heading back to Florida and Texas
 Matthew and Victoria each had a nice visit with their Nana.

 Lots of nature in my back yard this fall and winter!
In November there was a very large fisher cat! feasting in one of the fruit trees,
then in December two bucks were jousting in the back yard!
 and in January I spotted a BIG Coy-wolf!! 
Just relaxing in the sun - 
watch him for about 20 minutes before he decided to saunter off into the woods! 
Picture came out a bit blurry - iPhone and 30 yards will do that!

In January I attended two fabulous retreats!
The first is very calm and relaxing,
and the second is very loud and high energy!!
Love them both for different reasons!

Worked on my Temperature quilt! 
It's going to be colorful!

Little "Inga" sewing up a storm!!

 The temperature quilt tracks the daily high and low temps, 
the Flying Geese point up/down depending on if the daily temp 
is higher/lower than the previous day!
It's a fun project and exactly what I needed right now.

 In the beginning of February my sweet mom left this earth to join my dad ...
the grief is worse than I expected ... 
 Just love this picture.

This was a pastel portrait I did of her over 40 years ago 
when I was in high school and she was my age!!

Of course the instructor forgot to give her two vital pieces of information ...
first - wear the same outfit to every sitting 
second - what ever you do - Do Not get a perm and hair cut!!

SO as a result I never really finished the picture!!
Miss you Mom.

On a happy note the baby elephant quilt has been gifted to this handsome little fellow!!
Everyone loved the quilt - makes me happy!

 Have a great Quilty Day and enjoy the process