Friday, October 23, 2015

Lecture and workshop with a Modern Quilter

This week was special!
The Rhododendron Quilt Guild had as their guest speaker
Modern Quilter …. Jacquie Gering!

If you follow this blog you know I'm more of an appliqué girl!
But willing to try anything!

Jacquie's lecture was outstanding!
She was Hilariously Funny!
And her quilts … Fabulous!!

Here are just a few of her beautiful quilts…

She told wonderful stories about each of her creations…

Like this Red Cross quilt,
with it's hidden transparent crosses!

and her color wheel quilt…
that came out as arcs instead of circles!

Love the colors in this one!

 For her husband who is a runner…
the quilting on this quilt just sets it into motion!

When this quilt "Aftermath"came out 
I realized how I "knew" Jacquie
after the 2013 Boston Marathon
she made this quilt and blogged about it here.
I commented on her blog that my daughter
was there working the medical tent that day,
she responded back to me with the nicest sentiment...

I will always remember that…
Thank you Jaqcuie.

The next day's workshop left me inspired!

This was the workshop quilt
"Scrappy Improvisation"

here is my scrap pile … Batiks

working on my foist block!

Jacquie showing us how to tape out the quilt

My first Modern Improvisational block!

Here is the layout of my First Modern Quilt!

The whole process has me inspired!
Not only to finish this wallhanging…
but to try another!!!

Thank you to the Rhododendron Quilt Guild and
 Jacquie Gerling for a fabulous lecture and workshop!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Marking a quilt

Woke this morning with creative juices flowing!
Finally hit upon an idea on how to quilt my 
applique / sashiko quilt!

This has stymied me for some time now…
but this morning things seemed to start to fall into place!

Since my quilting is done on a domestic Janome 6600
I like to mark my quilts before sandwiching.
Gives me a sense of direction on exactly 
where the quilting needs to go, and if it will fit!

Using simple tools the areas are marked
with a Clover fine White Marking Pen
(my favorite for marking dark fabric!)

Finally found a good use for this crazy looking tool!
The Quilter's Resource Measuring Gauge
helps me draw my Big circles!
It just a guide to ensure the design will fit
once the quilting begins I will most likely
use a walking foot 
and that will give  more accurate measurements

Found this awesome stencil in my travels,
and it is perfect for drawing the circles!
The Hole Thing by Creative Grids
the circles ranging from 1/4" to 3"
all on one sheet!!

Since I'm not that confident in my feathers
Fon's and Porter has created a fabulous tool the 
"Fine Feathers Templates"
the feathers ranging from 1" to 2.5"
along with a circle template.

Love it when the tools make life a bit easier!

Here is the label I designed for the quilt
Might have to change the end date to 2016!
Not sure I'll finish the quilting before the end of the year!
It usually takes me a few months to quilt a quilt,
like to take my time, 
shoulders will only let me quilt for so long,
and major family obligations!

Huge Thank You to Sylvia Pippen who designed this 
spectacular quilt!

Can't wait to finish the marking phase
and Jump into QUILTING!!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Sewing Room Chaos!

Leading up to the Silver City Guild's Quilt Show
everything was dumped into my sewing room!

Fabric, Books, Patterns, Ideas, WIP's
You name it - it was dumped in this room!

Al thought there is some sense of order…
the fabric and books are neatly stacked!

Ignore the fabric falling out of the closet,
the three WIP hanging on the closet doors,
the appliqué and sashiko quilt that's waiting to be marked
but is buried under another project!

Is it just me?
or does your sewing room get like this!?

This week's task at hand…
Clean and Reorganize!

Hmmm … any good movies on right now?!