Thursday, December 22, 2016

Fall into Christmas with family and quilts

This fall started out with the Silver City Quilt guild
hosting Christine from Calico Cottage of Seekonk Ma.
It was a fabulous lecture on her journey from an online business 
into a brick and mortar shop and she brought everyone a present!!
A pincushion kit!

Mine is already made and donated to the SCQG
boutique table for our Sept 2017 show!

Then October brought another trip to Texas to
care for my daughter who had hip surgery
(she did very well!)
Poor kid was trapped in a passive exercise machine 
for 6 hours a day for a week!

Of  course we had to dress her dog Stella
up for Halloween!
The outfit lasted two hours!!

Knowing there would be some down time while in Texas, 
I had a sewing machine shipped to there ….
and brought two quilts (all cut and ready to sew!)
with me - as they needed to be done for Christmas!
And both quilt tops actually got done in the
two weeks I spent in Texas!!
Now there is a sewing machine down there for future visits!!
Great to set up the iPad and watch The Quilt Show while sewing!

We even had a chance to quickly stop in and visit
The Alamo!

While in Texas I was also able to complete the first block
of the Portage Lake quilt
by Minick and Simpson

and block 5 for my Ladies of the Sea Quilt!
The block "The Mayflower" is not actually part of the
Ladies of the Sea pattern
but since I'm from Massachusetts it will be my center block!

Definite problem here…
Quilting ADHD for sure!!
seven projects in progress!
Plus on the other side of the room are 6 quilts
stacked and ready for quilting!!
My 2017 resolution is to finish projects and 
NOT start any more!!

oops spoke too soon…
a Halloween Baltimore style quilt has been started 
with quilty friends Joan and Diana -

This is a fusible appliqué quilt - which is out of the box me -
so used to needle turn appliqué!

My son in Florida is loving his job as
airport manager in Tavares
there is a special airplane quilt in the works for him!!
Since the fabric is bought, and the design has been formulated
it's technically not a "new" project!
Is it??

In December BFF Joan took me for a ride up to 
to see the fabulous American Appliqué quilts!

This was my favorite

 It was in beautiful condition and
the hand quilting was phenomenal

 That brings us to Christmas preparations,
and cookie time!

The house is decorated and ready for
the kids to be home to celebrate!

 Wishing everyone a 
Merry Christmas
Happy Healthy New Year!