Saturday, August 28, 2010

Quilting by the Canal

I spent the day fishing with my hubby. Well let me clarify ... he fished (and caught nothing!) I appliqued (and finished the applique portion of my "Blue Hibiscus" quilt) I started this project the beginning of July after reading Jennifer Chiaverini's book "The Aloha Quilt" - I love her books! The applique went faster than I anticipated - of course sitting waiting for fish to bite afforded me plenty of time!! Next will be to sandwich the applique top, a beautiful blue piece of Moda Solid and soft wool batting that Sue from Quilter's Stash is ordering for me!  So here is a pic of my version of a day fishing at the Cape Cod Canal....
Now this is my kind of fishing!

Blackberry Cover

My son has a new Blackberry ... which Of course needed a cover ... which of course there weren't any that he liked ... so where does he bring his dilemma to? Yup ... Me!
SO after asking a few questions and having him select a fabric I fashioned him a protective cover similar to an eyeglass case! He was thrilled!!
Since he is a pilot he naturally selected plane fabric!

I think he likes having a mom that can solve a problem with fabric!!!
After all is there any other way to solve a problem?!

The College T-shirt Quilt

                                                               So when did this happen??

It seems like yesterday my daughter was starting kindergarten....
 and tomorrow we move her into college???
I asked her for t-shirts for her college quilt ... she handed me about 60 T-shirt!
Apparently she's been saving them!
I've been stabilizing, iron, cutting and sewing and finally....
 have her center block completed!

Her senior shirt surrounded by fabrics that are so "Victoria"!!
I've always called her my athletic, academic band geek who constantly wears flip flops!
                                      Now only a million more blocks to go to fill a 90" x 70" space!
I should have it done for Christmas - if not college graduation is right around the corner!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Getting the hang of blogging

OK I asked some advice from a dear friend - Thanks Jessica! She's a wiz at this stuff and I'm just learning so hopefully over time I can create a nice quilty blog that I will love blogging in and others will like to read!

Anyway this past week was a wonderful "Quilty Week" for me. One of my quilts (it is actually the one in the blog header) had been accepted into the Lowell Images Quilt Festival and I was thrilled ... but then it won a third place ribbon!! I was so excited! Here I am with my ribbon winning quilt!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

My Latest Project

In my first post I mentioned I would post a picture of my latest project - this pattern is Hibiscus from Pacific Rim Quilt Company - I'm trying to line it up to baste before I needle turn applique all the edges. I started this mid July and as of today I have almost all of the needle turn applique done! Then it will be onto more basting and lots of hand quilting!

Blue Hibiscus

I have finally Started!

Ok today is the day ... my very first post! Not really sure what I'm doing or going to say but I love quilting and love reading other blogs and I figured well why not jump in! I like pretty much all aspects of quilting - to me it's like putting together a puzzle. My favorite is applique, right now I'm working on Piece O' Cakes Aunt Millies Garden ... I'm on block 10 of 12. But then, after reading Jennifer Chiaverini's newest book The Aloha Quilt I wanted to start another Hawaiian Applique quilt. Once I figure out how to put in a picture of my new project I'll post a few!!