Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Girl friends Block

I can now post about another project I've been working on! It was a secret and had to be kept under wraps until it was given to my Quilty Gal Pal Joan! One of my Monday night quilting Gal Pals came up with the idea to make this way to cute Girl Friends Block for one of our Monday night quilters who just needed to know how much we are supporting her!

The block consists of a little girl holding half a heart in each hand and when you sew the blocks together the hearts come together ... very cute. Check out the pattern here. It works up quick especially with Steam-A-Seam2! I'm usually a needle turn applique kind of girl but boy this Steam-A-Seam2 and machine blanket stitch works up pretty quick!!

Here is the original pattern showing the two styles of blocks

 I of course had to make mine with lots of bling (Joan knows I'm an embellishing Queen!)

She actually looks more like me than Joan ...
at least she'll know which block is mine!!
Just a little hair embellishing and of course a big Quilty Smile!

Let's not forget dangle earrings!

 the Cape Cod bracelet !

and toe nail polish!!
Needless to say I think she liked everyones blocks -
she turned red and was speechless for a few minutes and then hugs for everyone!