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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Vacation and Quilting

I've taken some time away from my blog to enjoy the summer (and quilt)!
This summer we spent 2 weeks in Chatham - very relaxing. 
I love the beach ... I love walking the beach, watching the waves and collecting shells.

Stephen and I saw the whales and seals off shore - no sharks.

This is a photo of three seals swimming next to each other off of
Light House Beach in Chatham.

All though my son Matt, caught a 12 inch baby sand shark while fishing off the beach!
Yes - we had been swimming there earlier!
And I thought it was a crab that was nibbling at my toe!

Victoria and I had a wonderful day on Nantucket

With vacation over the rest of the summer has been spent getting quilts
ready for the Sliver City Quilt Guild show in September.

I'm working on a hand quilted Hawaiian quilt my "Blue Hawaiian"

I'm down to the very edge and almost done - then it will be time to block and bind!
This has been a two year project and I've loved every minute of it!
I love the ease of applique and hand quilting - no machines ... just me and the fabric!
OH ... and cheater glasses and a good light!

Then machine quilting my "Fiesta" quilt which is made up of mostly all
New York Beauty blocks - which I of course had to machine quilt myself!

Unfortunately my Bernina's BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator) and I are not getting along!
After many attempts and many skipped stitched I took it off my machine and
threw it across the sewing room - well in my mind I did!
Anyway it's off and I'm trying to get into a quilting groove....
I think my stitches are coming out OK.

Here is one of the blocks .... What do you think?

This block is my favorite it looks like little Christmas trees!!
Only a few more blocks to go!!!
But I have time ... 3 weeks!
No problem ... I just wont sleep!

Oh I just realized this is my 50th blog post!
Hope you all have enjoyed them.
Happy Quilting!