Monday, October 29, 2012

Hand Quilting during Storm Sandy

 As Hurricane Sandy approaches my hand quilting projects are ready
Just incase power is lost!

In the process of making a Hawaiian Bread fruit design pillow for a future class

All my tools fit neatly into this little blue contact case!!!
The essentials:
Quilting hoop - love the lap hoop 
Clover Gold Eye Quilting Needles Between (No.12)
Needle threader and cutter combo tool
Thread Heaven
Thimble of choice
Thread on bobbins (beat lugging the big spools)
 a little rubber needle pull thingy!
Minin battery operated OttLite (with spare batteries!)
OH ... Glasses 2.75 magnification! for those over 50 eyes!!

That's is I'm ready for any power outage! 

I can hand quilt for days!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Project!

Dare I say it .... I'm starting a new project!
After spending the past 3 months working only on UFOs this is a  ...
breath of fresh creative air!

I have a love for the simplicity of Hawaiian Quilts.
Two (sometimes three) colors, the repetitive echo quilting
I just LOVE it!
It is a time consuming labor of love...
but all good things are worth it ...Yes?

the bread fruit motifs are cut out and the basting has begun!

bread fruit half way basted onto background
(Gotta love this blue and white!)

here we are all needle turn appliqued down

next will be more basting
and then the fun part...
hand quilting.

but that's for another post!