Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Beaded Birdie Stitches Quilt

OK ... so ... I've been extremely under the weather with
asthmatic bronchitis ... cough, cough, cough!
Going on 3 weeks...UGH!

Making productive use of this down time
 I have been able to 
replace the binding, piping and
bead my "Birdie Stitches" Quilt 
all from the comforts of my sofa!!!

Sadly, the photo just doesn't show it off very well.

Block 1
Started in January of 2011

Block 2
February - Valentines Day

Block 3
March - cold & snowy

Block 4
April - Easter

Block 5
May - Flowers

Block 6
June - Rainbows

Block 7
July - Fireworks

Block 8
August - Hot Summer Sun Flowers

Block 9
September - Fall Leaves
My Favorite!
Just love the way the leaves came out!

Block 10
October - Pumpkins

Block 11
November - Thanksgiving

Block 12
December - Christmas

Originally there was a purple piping,
but it just didn't come out even.
Found this great blue iridescent cording
that blends in perfectly!
I stitched it on by hand so it looks like piping!

Let's not forget the label!
Just had to add a few embroiderd bluebirds!

If your loving the "Birdie Stitches" pattern you can find it here.

SO that's what days and weeks coughing on the sofa will get ya!
Now I really need to vacuum ...
coughing and beading are just NOT a good combination!
Stray beads everywhere!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

eBook Review: Modern Quilt Patterns by McCalls Quilting

The Modern Age of Quilting is upon us!

It features bright bold colors, asymmetrical designs, free-form piecing 
all adding up to fun easy energetic quilts!

Modern Quilt Patterns feature three easy patterns great
for the beginner, a quick gift or charity quilt.

The first quilt Baubles and Beads combines 6 inch blocks with large dash sashings. 

Rainbow Rhythm is all about the half square triangle.

Lemon Squeezy uses a flip and stitch quilt-as-you-go method.

All three quilts are quick and easy, and the patterns are clear and well written.
To receive your FREE copy of Modern Quilt Patterns
click here

You'll LOVE them!

Book Review: Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker by Jennifer Chiaverini

Back in the beginning of January, Dutton Books contacted me ... 
would I be interested in reading and reviewing 
Jennifer Chiaverini's latest book?
"Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker"

 ... Well ... 
Boy was that a silly question!

Having been an avid fan of Jennifer's Elm Creek novels (all 20 of them!), 
I jumped at the chance to read and review her latest book -
which happens to be a historical novel. 

In "Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker" Jennifer departs from the cozy town of 
Waterford and goes beyond the walls of Elm Creek Quilt Camp 
into the war torn world of the Civil War. 
Just like all of her other novels, Jennifer draws you deep into the story 
of friendship between the main characters in the book. 
The narrative is powerful and allows readers to view the tense and troubled 
life of Mary Todd Lincoln from the eyes of  one of her closest confidants, 
Elizabeth Keckley her dressmaker. 
The story grips the reader as it explores the relationship and 
personal interactions of Elizabeth Keckley and Mrs. Lincoln.  
"Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker," quilts a compelling story wrapped in history, 
making readers feel as though they are walking among the Lincoln family 
during and after their brief time at the White House. 

For all of those Elm Creek fans out there, 
this book will not let you down, 
it offers a look at life, love, friendships and hardships 
from the eyes of Elizabeth Keckley - 
freed slave, talented dressmaker and 
friend to Mrs. Lincoln.

It is a must read!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

What I'm watching ...

Having spent the past week home sick with the 
worst case of asthmatic bronchitis in 10 years ...
I am thankful for a few (well more than a few) things:

Sick days, antibiotics, 
a loving husband, 
a caring mom, helpful children 


I have spent the week watching all 3 seasons
YUP twice ...
I had a lot of time.
Felt so miserable - couldn't even hardly applique!
Can you believe it!

Just can not seem to get enough of 
the sofa and this show!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Ebook Review of "Build Your Best Log Cabin"

Back in December I was contacted by the Online Media Coordinator 
for Fons and Porter and asked to review the eBook 
"Build Your Best Log Cabin"

After picking my self up off the floor!
a resounding "YES" was my reply.

Now realizing two whole months have slipped by .... 
 Blizzard 2013 is ready to hit Boston any minute
I find this is the perfect time to sit with a nice iced coffee 
(Yes we drink iced coffee in the winter in New England!)
cuddled under a quilt, watch the snow fly 
and write about building a log cabin!

Admittedly, having never been a fan of log cabin quilts,
I've never made one! BUT ... after reading this eBook
my creative juices are flowing!

This book is filled with log cabin history, pictures, patterns,
tips, sewing instructions, block sizing and a review 
of the types of log cabin blocks 
(traditional, courthouse step and chevron style).

My favorite of which is "Bear Paw"
an updated traditional version
of the log cabin quilt by Ricky Tims

This book also includes a few special bonus items...
trapunto and bobbin quilting, lump-free bindings and piped bindings.

All this information is available to you as

It is definitely worth downloading and saving.
Hoping you enjoy your copy as much as I have!

Now I'm off to select the fabrics needed
to build my log cabin ... I better hurry
Nemo is supposed to dump 2+ feet of snow today!