Monday, May 27, 2013

DONE ... Winter Taupe Snow Days Quilt top is Done!!

My Winter Taupe Snow Days Quilt top is done!
Eighteen months in the making
(did work on just a few other projects along the way!)

This quilt has been a joy to embroider and piece
and absolute joy.
Can't say that about too many quilts but
this one just had a serenity about it.
I loved every minute of the process.

Now for the next phase ... the quilting!
Many thoughts and ideas are floating through my brain,
Yes I have decided to quilt it myself!
Hoping this phase is as serene and joyous as
putting it all together was!
Some how I think it will be....

Taupe Winter Snow Days Center .... DONE!!!

Today I finished the center of my
Taupe Winter Snow Days

Happy, Happy, Happy!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Winter Taupe Snow Days Quilt ... coming along!

Finally all of the outside embroidered and pieced blocks are done!

Not it's time to start piecing the center!
This has been just the most wonderfully calming
quilt to work on.
It has taken over a year to slowly embroider
all of the blocks ... but well worth it.

Still trying to decide exactly how I want to quilt it ...
Can't procrastinate too long as it
must be ready for the SCQG show in September!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Masters in Business

So proud of my son
he earned his Masters in Business yesterday
from UMass Dartmouth

Everyone received a special pin:

there was a strong security presence
and the ceremony went off very well despite the rain!