Saturday, July 27, 2013

Now it's time for the Borders!

Finally the blocks, sashings and corner stones
are all quilted!

Now it's time to move onto the borders!
Marking and quilting as I go...
around midnight last night
a thought popped into my head and woke me up....
One side of  the feather is quilted backwards!!!
Not really sure why this woke me up ... but it did!

So at 12:30 this morning I'm in my sewing room
"frog stitching" out feathers!
Rip-It ...Rip-It...Rip-It!!!

The swirls on the lower part are curing backwards!
I've decided to leave in the bottom feather....
it will be my dyslexic feather!

My dead line for the quilting is July 30th - 
Quilting the applique - 
 the Piping, binding and beading
Not going to happen!
At least not by July 30th, but hopefully by Sept 14th.

Have two more quilts that need quilting before
SCQG show judging on Sept 14th!

Silver City Quilt Guild's Fourth Show
is September 20th and 21st.
Check here for details.

In between hours of machine quilting I have been able to 
enjoy some time fishing with Hubby at the Canal.
He does the fishing,
I take the pictures and embroider!

For some
spending a summer quilting would not be fun....
for me ...
it's a slice of Heaven!

Thankful for a great machine Janome 6600 (thank you mom),
air conditioning, a pool that feels like a hot tub! and
a very understanding family!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Stitching in the New England heat wave!

Spent the heat wave at the canal watching my husband fish!
The sun was brutally hot, we only lasted an hour in the sun,
thankfully there was a bit of shade which made the
six hours of fishing
(2 bites, 1 snapped line, no dinner!)
a bit more enjoyable!

I was prepared! Brought along my latest
embroidery project
"Sun and Sea"
 by Sandi Bard Designs.

A very cute design of small children at the beach!
Using a variegated Sulky 12 wt thread #4014
it runs from a medium blue to  aqua 
very pretty and reminds me of the ocean!

To beat the heat at home
(thank you central air conditioning)
worked on outlining my applique,
it's a work in progress,
I've never done this before so
there is a bit of a learning curve going on!

Enjoying the process!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July ... spent in the ditch!

Yup I'm in a ditch!
Stitching the ditch that is!
Finally at the stage where the machine quilting has started!

 Getting as close as I can!

 Love my Sharon Schamber's Halo.
Gives great control, no gloves and my shoulders
are not killing me!

Since my new Janome 6600 has a 9 inch bed I can 
fit the quilt thru with ease. My Bernina 440 only had a 7inch
bed which made quilting larger quilts a bit more, 
Difficult, Challenging, "Interesting"!

The Aunt Millie's Garden Quilt is 70 x 80 and fits thru nicely!
Very Happy!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

My LQS is having a retirement sale ... I'm so sad

It is so sad when a quilt shop closes ...
I have been a customer at Quilter's Stash for 11 years, 
worked on the floor with customers and taught classes
for 9 years... and now it's sad to say
but they are having a retirement sale.

Quilter's Stash has always been my favorite quilt shop,
the selection of fabric is wide a fresh,
the classes and teachers are fabulous,
and the classroom is the best around,
and I have meet some of the BEST Quilty Ladies there!

I'm just not sure what I'll do now (tearing up)
without my favorite LQS just 20 minutes away.

Sue is having a retirement sale starting on July 5th
where everything is 25% off.
Check here for shop details.

Let's help Sue retire with a bang, stock up on
things you will need ( notions, patterns, books, fabric).
There will be new inventory
coming in during the summer so check in often.

I will miss you Sue (and Barry!) Quilter's Stash
will be my favorite Quilty place forever.