Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sewing Studio Linky Party

I found a linky party the other day about
Sewing Studio's and linked in,
but them a storm hit and knocked out my internet
so I'm just getting around to doing the actual blog!
So here goes ....

My sewing room (studio? that sounds so formal!)
is my sanctuary!
A place were I can go and get away from it all.

In the past, this 10 x 12 room which is in the back corner of my home,
has served as a den, play room, office, bedroom for nana and
now my sewing room!
 I have a habit of changing the room around frequently -
but this is it at the moment!
As a sewing room it works well ...
but it will be on the move again when this new
sewing table arrives in December!
Not sure how all the furniture will fit!

When you walk in the first thing you'll see
is pictures of my kids on the far wall
(3 month baby pictures and their graduation pictures -
they make me smile every time I walk walk in!)

Yes I have two sewing machines!
on the left is my Bernina 440 and on the right in my Jenome 6600
my printer is all set up on a rolling file cabinet
and my lap top sits right on top -
with the desk / chair right there it is easy to do any office type work.
I use the one swivel sewing chair between the two sewing machines -
very handy!

The other corner has a bookcase with my book collection!
I LOVE quilting books and actually refer to them frequently.
The top shelf is all machine quilting books,
second shelf has my modern quilting, bag making books,
and Japanese Quilting Magazines,
 third and fourth shelves have specialty quilting books,
and the binders hold patterns from magazines and internet,
the bottom shelf hold quilting DVD's and magazines.

behind my "Janome sewing table"
is stored plastic storage bins -
each with a project waiting to be completed!
The white set of drawers are from "Michaels"
and hold all sorts of quilting "do-dads"!

The closet is great - store LOTS of fabric!
The hangers neatly hold projects in various stages of completion!

On top of my fabric closet is my pull down design wall!
Love it ...
except occasionally I forget that there is a project there...
like this one!
Forgot all about it until I went to snap this pic!!!

When open, all the fabric is for the most part decided into sections:
Japanese Imports, American Asian style;
Amy butler and Kaffee Fassett,
and the rest are grouped by color and or collection.
It's sort of a messed up way of organizing it but it works for me!

You can also see my little tv on the wall next to the closet,
but my favorite way to quilt is...
while watching the "Quilt Show" with Alex and Ricky
on my iPad mini!

On the opposite corner from the door is my antique sewing machine
(given to me by a friend!)
and my Chadwicks Spool Cotton thread holder
which was passed down from my husbands grandfather,
he had it in his store in South Boston 
I just love it

Love opening the drawers and to see the array of colors,
this also make me smile!
Looks like candy!

on the wall by my fabric closet is my collection
of Aurifil threads, silks and other threads

my cutting table is from Joann's.
I like the fact that I can put down a leaf and make it smaller.
The large cutting mat when not in use
is stored behind the bookcase!
Today I have it set up for cutting and pressing binding for the Red Quilt!

So that's it! My little jam packed sanctuary!
Hope you enjoyed the tour!
Stay tuned for another tour in Dec when the new table comes in!!

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