Sunday, November 17, 2013

Inchie Quilt

Spent the week working on a cute little project
an "Inchie Quilt"

They are way too cute little quilt sandwiches
that can be made into all sorts of things!

Using the method featured in
"Inchie quilts" by Nadine Ruggles
and adding my own personal flare
I came up with this 16" Mini Quilt

  It features five "Inchie Quilts"
nestled into the center of folded flowers,
set into a nine patch
with Sashiko and beading,
and surrounded by a piped binding

The directions call for using 40 wt Rayon thread
of course I didn't have any
so went ahead and used 50 wt Aurifil,
which was okay but...
 the Rayon would have given a much
smoother edging on the Inchies.

Next time!!

It was a fun little project!

Bella is getting very comfy!

We have had Bella for a week now,
and she seems to be adjusting and 
making herself very comfy!

Yup ~ don't leave your seat on the couch....
because when you get back,
it's gone!!!!

She starts Obedience Training in a few weeks!!

Bella is such a love bug!

She had a check up at our local vet yesterday,
got a few extra shots and do so well!
They think not only is she a Brittany and Golden Retriever mix
but also a little bit of Great Pyrenees!
Which would account for her
curly tail, thicker coat and larger size!
Whatever she is ... she is ours
and we are so Happy!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

New Addition to the family!

My thoughts have been every where the past few weeks
unable to focus on anything Quilty...


After weeks of emails and phone calls
I went up to Boston Common this morning to...

Meet Belle.....

Belle was surrendered to a shelter in Georgia and 
brought up to Massachusetts through the New England Brittany Rescue
after meeting her, talking to her foster mom and signing the papers
she was ours!

She is a bit bigger than we expected ... 
60 pounds worth of big!
I really wanted a medium size dog,
but once we meet ... 
it was love at first sight!

She was wonderful in the car...
sat nicely in the back seat.

First up a quick drive over to Victoria's college...

for a surprise happy meeting!

My Beauties!

A quick stop into PetCo to pick up a few doggie toys,
she behaved so well it was unbelievable!

Then home to meet Matthew!
So funny to see my 6'3" son on the floor with Belle!

after walking around the yard and a quick flea bath
Belle settled into her bed with a toy

and then a nap all tuckered out!

The next few days will be spent getting to know one another...
not sure I'll get any quilting done the next few days!

Having one of those quilty days!

Have you ever gotten into your quilty zone
and became oblivious of your surroundings?

Well that is what happened to me
while working on quilting a baby quilt.

I'm quilting away,
listening to music
and stitching
oblivious to the project in the background...

and then I turned over the baby quilt to find...


I had quilted a few blocks to the back of the baby quilt!

Really quilted it to the back!!

Oh well, break out the seam ripper,
Frog Stitch here I come...
Rip It,
Rip It,
Rip It!!