Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fabulous Quilt Retreat with Slow Progress made !

This past weekend was spent at a fabulous
quilt retreat at the
Wonderland Conference Center in Sharon
 run by the Salvation Army. 

It is wonderfully tranquil
and the perfect place for a quilt retreat!

My Favorite room is the sitting room over looking the lake
Just love siting here with a cup of tea working 
on a hand stitching project!

The bedrooms are basic
but your not in it for long, so they are fine!
My bed was very comfy! 
didn't mind the twin size bed, had the room all to myself
with no hubby or dog snoring!!
I was in heaven!

The kitchen staff provided us fabulous meals at 8am, 12 noon and 6pm
(we were like Pavlov's dogs!)
and in the evening they put out tea and freshly baked cookies!
or fruit, cheese and crackers!!

 Just LOVE this retreat!!

I seem to be working on long term hand stitching projects at the moment
and made slow but steady progress on them this past weekend.

Arriving Friday afternoon,
I continued on block #3 of
Ladies of The Sea

Spent Friday afternoon working on Grapes….
Lots of Grapes!

Added them to my wreath...

this was as far as I got by Saturday afternoon

Saturday afternoon I started
working on an embroidered workbox
from this book by Carolyn Pearce

It is just the cutest thing! and TINY!
The whole box is about 
6 " x 3"
and has many cute little accessories to go with it!

Not sure I'll get to all of the accessories,
but willing to try and get at least the workbox done…
not sure what decade that will happen!!

This is the front panel,
and I had a good start going into the weekend

added roses into the tree

and flowers to keep the bunny company!
So that was most all of Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning!

This is the quilting room all set up
with everyone busy working on their projects

Here are two of my Quilty Gal Pals
Giuliana and Diana
and YES we are watching a movie while quilting!
Doesn't everyone?

This is Giuliana's way too cute turtle quilt

think I'll have to add this one onto my

All in All it was a relaxing delightful weekend,
can not wait for next year!

Maybe next year I'll bring a machine …
or these same hand stitching projects!!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Upcoming exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts - Boston

Wanted to share with everyone a special upcoming exhibit 
that will be at Boston's MFA.

It sound wonderful!
Grab a few friends, stop for coffee, put on some good tunes and 
ride on over to the Museum of Fine Arts
to see…..

Quilts and Color: The Pilgrim/Roy Collection
APRIL 6–JULY 27, 2014

Above: Double Wedding Ring Quilt, about 1940. Pieced cotton plain weave top, cotton plain weave back and binding; quilted. Pilgrim/Roy Collection. 

This spring, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA), will present Quilts and Color, an exhibition that celebrates the vibrant color palette and inventive design of the acclaimed Pilgrim/Roy Quilt Collection. Both trained artists, Paul Pilgrim and Gerald Roy acquired quilts with bold and eye-popping designs that echoed the work of mid-20th century Abstract Expressionist and Op Artists.

The exhibition opens with the vividly colored quilts that first drew the collectors’ attention and began their life-long passion. Exploring sophisticated principles of color theory, the exhibition’s opening sections display color vibrations, mixtures, gradations and harmonies in the design of the quilts ranging from the 19th to early 20th century. As their collection grew, Pilgrim and Roy turned their interest to the history of quilting and added more conventional designs. Many of these incorporated the color white to create high contrast, an effect that also plays an important role in the visual power of pieced quilts and the organization of their blocks or patterns. The exhibition’s sections—“Contrast” and “Optical Illusions”—examine this aspect of quilting in the dramatic color choices and innovative effects created within established patterns. The exhibition concludes with a final nod to the artistic vision of quilt makers and highlights artists who worked outside of standard patterns and design and applied color in inventive and striking fashion.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ladies of the Sea Blocks #1 and #2

The Bluenose ~ 1929

 Close up of Crown

The Elissa ~ 1877

close up of Anchor and Rope

Sew Crazy 2014 Quilt Retreat

Just back from 3 fun filled quilty days on the Cape
with members of SCQG.

We had a little quilting, some food and lots of laughs
oh and a blizzard!

The organizers Carolyn and Donna always pick a theme
this year it was Mexican Fiesta!

We even had a little bull fight!

I actually went to a quilting retreat WITHOUT
a sewing machine!!

Just packed up my sewing basket 

top tray full or goodies and tools...

box of embroidery floss
fits nicely under the top tray
and on top of…..

 a few hand projects….

 needle turn applique,
(block #3 of Ladies of the Sea)

(block #8 of my Children by the Sea)

(part of a table runner)

and an embroidery work box!
(This one will take forever -
the bunny and tree took 3 hours!)

And it was SO nice to only have to carry in my little basket
and not lug a big machine!

Can not wait for the next one!
Wonder what the theme will be???!

Pleasant Surprise

The Quilt Show

with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims is my
favorite online quilty place...
(the second is Craftsy.)

Well much to my surprise
my "Red Quilt"

alias Aunt Millie's Garden
was featured on the Quilt Show's Daily Blog today!!!

It is so neat to hear from people all over the world that
they saw your quilt on the Quilt Show Blog page!
It really is a small world!