Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A fall and some "Slow Sewing"

On Valentine's Day I was out playing with this cutie pie,

running around the yard - through the snow
when before I knew it …
found myself face first in the snow!
and in pain!
Of course Bella thought I was playing 
so she jumped on me!

Spent the last 3 days on the sofa with a pulled hamstring !!
Now I know why they lug the football players off the field with hamstring issues!
You just can not move.

Thank goodness the Olympics are on! 
and I've been able to do a little
"Slow Sewing" 
Love that they call handwork slow sewing now!!

This was what was accomplished while resting on the sofa…

A new Taupe Sashiko Applique table topper!

the original version was all sashiko

Love the addition of the appliquéd flower

Next step is to quilt it … once I can move off the sofa!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

String Blocks

Back in the fall I picked up a packet from my guild's Charity Coordinator
for strip pieced blocks…...

Looking to do a little "mindless" sewing this past weekend….
thought this would be perfect,
so after going through all my scraps 
I decided on Green!

Cutting up some of my green stash and scraps into 1 to 2 inches strips
then I found a great Laurel Burch fabric
and had enough to use in the center of each block!

sewing and sewing and sewing…
making 30 of these babies!

squared them all up to 5 1/2 inches..
then read the directions … 'Don't square up your blocks'

but I just had to see how they looked!!!


SO since the directions were thrown out the window at this point!

I figure I'll just go ahead and make a little quilt top
instead of just a few blocks!

I'm thinking this is how it will end up!

Should be able to finish it up by next guild meeting!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sashiko for the Quilters By the Sea and Quilting ADHD for the Yankee Clippers

Last week on Thursday night I had the privilege going to Portsmouth R.I. 
to present my Sashiko hands on lecture
to the Quilters by the Sea.

What a Great group of Quilty ladies!

It was a large group and there is my RED Quilt in hanging in the front of the room!

 One of the gals wore her sashiko jacket she made 25 years ago while
living in California! What a fabulous Jacket!

 Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

We had a great night discussing sashiko 
and the guild members all received a small kit 
to make their own little sashiko flower!

I think everyone had FUN!!

Then on Friday night I was invited to visit 
with the Yankee Clippers guild meeting in Walpole Ma,
to present my "Quilting ADHD"!! lecture / slide show.
It was a small but nice group of ladies
(Sorry no pictures)
Just love showing my quilts and discussing
the techniques behind all the quilts.
We met at a local quilt shop
nice shop with a good variety of fabrics and
they have a long arm service.

It was a whirlwind for me but such fun!
Spent the weekend doing "simple sewing"
but more on that later!