Sunday, May 18, 2014

No Sewing … just a Graduation!

From Pre-School graduation 

to college graduation!

Where did the time go?

 Proud Papa 
and Mum

and onto her next adventure
Grad School at Texas A&M Corpus Christi
and a job as the Athletic Trainer
for the women's soccer team!

Life is a journey!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Won another Quilty Basket!

Last weekend Lindey-Woolsey Quilt Guild
had their quilt show…
Very nice show blogged about it here.

Knowing all the work energy and effort that goes
into a guild quilt show…
I always support the basket auctions.

Never expect to win, just figure
I'm supporting the hosting guild!

Well for two weeks in a row I have received
that Sunday evening phone call…
"You Won a Basket"!!!

The basket was BIG and Beautiful!
Full of Quilty Tools, Books and Fabric!!

It will most likely never happen again
but boy has it been fun!
Two weeks…
Two Baskets!

How Lucky is that!!

Tension ….

Yes … Yes … Yes ….

always …. Always …. ALWAYS

check the 

Simple concept,

You would think so!

so why is it the one thing I sometimes forget to do?

Must be because I'm so anxious to jump in and get started!
Yup - that's my story and I'm sticking to it!
I'm over zealous!

picture this…
quilting, quilting, quilting,
things are going ok
(little nervous quilting around the embroidery)
when it dawns on me…
Really should have checked the tension

what a mess.

Ok LEARN from the mistake…

so here is my tension check..
6 … 7 … 8….

flip it over and check it out

think I'll go with the 8 … maybe!

definitely need to change to a smaller needle,
these needle holes are way too big!

Thinking my seam ripper and I are going to become
VERY close friend on this quilty project!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Busy Quilty Week … Attended two Quilt Shows and Gave another Sashiko Lecture!

Yes it's Spring … the time when the Quilt Shows are just about every weekend!
For a quilter it's like having to decide which candy store to go into!

The week started out with a Quilt show in Rhode Island -
The Narragansett Bay Quilt Guild always puts on a fabulous show!

Here are a few of my favorites … in no particular order!

Just LOVE Turtles - so this quilt "Calypso" by Judy Chase 
really made me Smile!
Had to laugh … her inspiration was Jacques Cousteau!
I have such fond memories of watching his sea adventures
on his show … way back! 
(pattern is "Follow Me" by Carol Morrissey)

"My Sanctuary" by Patti Finelli is from a McKenna Ryan pattern…
this came out so Lovely!

 "Red Compass Stars" by Mary Loftes is from a Jacquline de Jonge's pattern.
These quilts always blow my mind … 
all the paper piecing and intricate twists and turns…
sometimes ya just need to step back and take a breath!

"My Pennance" by Gloria Penta was amazing!
Love the colors!
It is from the Judy Niemeyer pattern "Glacier Star"

 The next two are from a special exhibit of Mini Quilts ….
these two were just outstanding...

And I even WON a basket!!! 
Yippee … 
always wanted to make one of these Bali Bags … 
now there is no reason not to!

Wednesday night I had the privilege of presenting
my interactive Sashiko Lecture/Demo
to the Nimble Thimble Quilt Guild
out of Reading Ma
Nice group of quilters!

Here are just a few snaps of some of the members
doing their Sashiko mug rugs!

 Yesterday Mom and I took in a very nice quilt show
by the Lindsey-Woolsey Quilt Guild out of Attleboro Ma.

My absolute favorite was this beautiful Baltimore Album style quilt
"Simply Baltimore" by Barbara Roberge
All hand appliquéd and hand quilted!
Just Stunning!

"Row by Row" by Suzanne Perez 
(pattern from Bee In My Bonnet)
just made me smile!
Have the book - will definitely put this on my
Quilt Bucket List!

"Criter Christmas" by Sharron MacMullen was another favorite!
So cute! She did needle turn appliqué for all of the critters and shapes
and it was beautifully quilted by Celine Spader.

There were so many more from each show 
that it's so hard to post them all.

Next weekend…
Quilt show and Chelmsford and 
moving my daughter out of college!

Better schedule in a bit of house cleaning…
hmm…. think I'd rather Quilt!