Saturday, July 12, 2014

Quilting around Embroidery … enjoying the process!

The quilting on my "Winter Days in Shades of Taupe"
is coming along S-L-O-W-L-Y!!

Just taking my time, 
the Sharon Schamber's quilting halo
is a huge help.

 Still have not decided on my border quilting design …..


What do you think?

Onto my fourth "Ladies of the Sea" block
tracing pattern using light box
and blue Fine Point Mark-B-Gone pen

and look who is keeping my company
in my quilting room!
A sleepy Bella!
 She's such a Cutie Pie!

This week I listened to Mark Lipinski's webinar on 
"Slow Stitching" 
and really enjoyed it, have always loved taking on
large projects and taking my time to enjoy the process.

I've never been one to have the "hurry up and get it done" mentality,
and it was nice to hear there are a lot of quilters out there
that feel the same way!

If you get a chance to join in and listen to 
Mark's webinar - I highly recommend it!