Wednesday, July 29, 2015

AQS Syracuse

Just saw the winners list from
AQS Quilt Week in Syracuse …

"Funky Garden on Red"

earned an Honorable Mention!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Took a ride to a Quilt Shop

The day started out with a quick trip to have 
my car serviced for routine maintenance…

Perfect time to get in a little Sashiko stitching!
Making good progress on this block

It is a great take along project,
easy to handle without a lot of moving parts!
Fabric, thread and a needle!
Love it!

Then I decided to jump on the highway and zip
(45 minute zip!)
to Heart in Hands Quilt shop in Weymouth Ma
to pick up a Row by Row pattern and License plate
and a few other things!

Just loved Melody Miller's 2014 Cotton + Steel
mint green with flowers and gold dots!
Think it will make a lovely little zippy bag!
And Thimble Blossoms "Swoon Sixteen"!!
Haven't made "Swoon" yet …
but that's ok..
now I can make Both of them..

Plus I picked up four 2.5" squares of
 "The Boat House" by Sweetwater
which will look perfect with
Basicgrey / Grunge by Moda
and a yummy steel grey fabric that I was 
able to get the last yard of!!

OH the glass Button!
She's just a beauty!
Thinking it will look smashing on a Bag flap!
Will have to hunt through my stash for the perfect fabric
to make a spiffy bag!

It was a great little zip trip to the quilt shop!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

July … Life and Quilts (and it's dilemmas!)

Love my new Sewing room clock!
It is just the cutest thing!
Check out Yankee Ingenuity in Chatham Ma
It is the Coolest shop!

for our show in September!
After stitching …. forever 
thinking things were going along just ducky

I ran into thing unfortunate issue
puckers and pleats - OMG!
Apparently this quilter was not paying enough
attention to the fabric grain when quilting

So I tried a few other designs
none of which is too pleasing to me
There in lies the dilemma…
massive frog stitching …. OR …. just start the whole thing over
and use this piece as a practice tool???
What would you do?

This quilting fiasco aside,
a trip to Corpus Christi Texas was next!!

Where this sweet thing picked me up at the airport!


and once to her apartment I received LOTS of
loving from this cutie pie!


Of course there was shopping involved!
Had to pick up a pair of official cowgirl boots!!

and picked up these beauties for
Victoria's birthday!

We drove up to Houston to visit her boyfriend and
the Houston Museum of Natural History!
Great day!

and of course there was Quilt Shopping along the way!
Had to pick up a few Row by Row 
patterns, license plates and fabric!!

and still thinking of my challenge quilt dilemma
I picked up a yard of this beautiful
Caryl Bryer Fallert - Essentials
Just in case I decided to remake the quilt!!
still haven't made that decision!

Once home
it's back to work making quilting design choices for this quilt

came up with clouds and seagulls floating
over these cute whales
for the outer boarder

Can you see the markings?
I tries pink and yellow
neither of which is great!

maybe I'll just quilt over the Golden Threads
and spend an evening picking out all the paper pieces?

Another dilemma!!!

I have no problem making the quilt top or quilting it
(all though more practice is needed in that category!)
It's the whole coming up with a perfect quilting design and
then transferring it on to the quilt that always
cause me distress!!

That's it … it's 91 degrees time for a swim in the pool!
Maybe that will clear my head
and all of my Quilty Dilemmas will quilt away!!

Until next time, Happy Quilting!