Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A few new starts …. really?

I few new starts …. REALLY?

Shouldn't I FINISH a few things first Hmmmm??
Now that's the million dollar question!

But NO …. just can't help myself!
Had to use my spiffy new Christmas gift …
a new light box!

This Light box by Litup is AWESOME! 
lays flat and measured 12" x 17" surface space!
(Purchased on Amazon!)

Great for tracing my new appliqué project!
"Flower Garden" By Kim McClean
using my stash of Kaffe Fasset fabrics
this one will be a joy to make!
Already have two blocks done!

My next new start is "Snapshots" which was a BOM from Fat Quarter shop
proceeds from the pattern purchase went to St. Jude - a win-win situation!
Finished two blocks last weekend at a retreat I attended.

The third one would have been completed
except I forgot to cut out 3 pieces!
So it had to be finished at home!

And the last new project is "Fancy Forrest" by Elizabeth Hartman
it is another BOM from Calico Cottage in Seekonk Ma
The first month is 16 fox ….

able to make 10 fox during my retreat last weekend!

Aren't they SO CUTE!!!

I did FINISH two quilt tops!! YIPPEE!!
Photo's of those will have to be for another post …!!

Packing up for another retreat this weekend!!
Looking forward to making a few more blocks for my 3 new projects!!

Happy Quilting to All!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sewing room Re-Organization

Spent some time before Thanksgiving getting my
sewing room in order!
Finally have a minute to post the new pictures!

My guild had a show in September and things 
just piled up and got way out of hand!

There really is a sewing machine buried on that table
in the middle of the room!

 The bookshelf is overflowing
along with the fabric closet,
and yes I think I have an ironing board!~

Cutting table?

Starting with pulling Everything out of the room
(except the big stuff)
purchasing Billy Shelves from Ikea

a little furniture rearranging...

making mini bolts of fabric!
Look at that!
I can see all (most …. some) of my fabric!!

 and the fabric closet...

SO much better!
Let the Quilting Begin!!

What's up for 2016

As I look through the blog-a-shere 
and see all the wonderfully beautiful projects 
that quilters have finished … 
I feel … 
like a slug!!

Did not get many projects finished (only 4)
But …
did get my worked juried in a few big shows
which was INCREDIBLE!

The best was the "pinch me" moment when I learned
my red quilt received a third place in Paducah!
And a week later my taupe quilt received a
first place at HMQS!!!
So proud of those girls!

So with 2015 done and 2016 already started
here is what is on my sewing table
at the moment…

"The Purple Mermaid"
from the 2015 Row by Row Experience
by Quilter's Fancy 

mine is renamed to "Sleeping Mermaid"!!
Having fun with this one!
lots of beading, embroidery to look forward too!

"Massachusetts ~ Mayflower"
American Album Blocks
by Pearl P. Pereira and Susan Prileau

This will become the center block of nine ships
the other eight will be from Susan Garmen's 
"Ladies of the Sea" Pattern

fun little EEP project that was started last year
there will be nine blocks in total

all the blocks have nice colorful Sashiko
stitching surrounding them!

"Parasol Girls"
adapted from a 1930's quilt
 made by the great aunt of a 
fellow co-worker!
(before I retired!)

 Thinking of an orange paisley - 
as the original used a cheddar orange.

But not sure about it…

may go with a blue for the sashing and
this black/white colorful Kaufman 
London Calling print…
it is the same fabric as the dress in the center block
so it may just tie together all of these colors!!

Still need to finish appliqué leaves
on the boarder of this beauty

Just 12 sets of four leaves left to do
then the quilting fun may begin!!

And LAST… 
(for the moment!)
I've been playing around with
half square triangles
and Water Color Bali Pops

Lots to do the keep me busy to start 2016!