Sunday, August 19, 2018

Schooner Quilt is progressing!

The original Ladies of the Sea by Sue Garman 
is beyond Beautiful and Huge!

Knowing where this quilt will hang in my house 
the need to scale it down was a must!

Here is my design incorporating 
~Eight of the Sixteen original ships
~ Pearl Pereira's 'Massachusetts' as the center block
~ Moving the Mariners Compass blocks to the center of each border
~ Double swag borders

with my plan in hand 
the next step was to design the swag borders
using graph paper, rulers and freezer paper...

The original elaborate applique border is beautiful... but...
since my quilt is smaller version this border would just be to big.

After much self-debating 
swag verses redesigning a scaled down applique border
indecision set in
Hubby made the choice!
Swag it is!!

Next decision...
colors for the mariners compass...
first ... too dull
second ... too bright
third ... blah 

fourth times a charm?

until it went up onto the design wall...
Reminds me of a Jesters Hat!

back to the drawing board..
Fifth time ... IS A CHARM!
much happier with this color way!

My usual applique method is needle turn
with freezer paper on the back, 
 making a dent in the fabric
by folding the seam allowance to the back,
then peel the freezer paper off,
 and pinning piece into place. 
The fold in the fabric makes it easier to needle turn the edge - 
this works for me!

Wanting to try something new (to me!!) 
 the prepared edge starch method came to mind.
Using a 'Starch Brush' 
by Missie Carpenter of Traditional Primitives,
the process was fairly simple...
paint the seam allowance with the starch product
 and then iron the seam allowance to the back.
This process created a very nice smooth edge.

Trying another new (to me!!) method for the circles...
the Apliquick glue method.
This worked fabulously for the 1" circles

Once pieces started going up the orientation of the Mariners Compass
went back to the corners - as in the original pattern...
At least for the Moment!

Happy with this weeks progress!

                                                       Til next time...
                               Have a great Quilty Day and enjoy the process!