Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Quilting + Audible Books = Time well spent!

Keeping up (well slightly behind!)
with the Afternoon Delight BOM by The Quilt Show
my four applique blocks for January are DONE!!

there are pieced blocks that go along with this but
I've decided to do them at the end 
after all the appliqué blocks are completed.

My 2020 word!

In January I started working with a personal trainer at
K & M Weightlifting in Plaineville Ma.

Mary is my strength and conditioning guru!
She is amazing!

Things started of slowly ~ now six weeks and the difference is unbelievable!
For the first time in a LONG time I am feeling
Better - Stronger - Healthier!

If I can avoid back pain and trips to the chiropractor - I'm ALL for it!

The Bluebirds are BACK!
and very early this year

They are just so beautiful.
Last week there were 3 pair all fluttering around the feeders!
Hubby needs to get the Bird Photo Booth up and running
so we can get a few candid shot of them!

Now that the holidays are over and all the family have gone home,
the Guest room can now go back to being my "Quilting Annex"!

Needing a place to hand quilt my Ships Quilt 
without Bella's dog hair getting all over it - this seemed the perfect spot!

With the bed moved to one side of the room
I was able to set up my pressing station in one corner 
and a nice sitting area in the other corner...
specifically to sit and hand quilt with the opportunity
to gaze out at the birds on the feeders!
It's a Win - Win in my mind!
Plus my cutting table fits in!!!

and here we are....
the Quilting Annex in use!!
Just love this little quiet space.

Admittedly ... I am NOT a reader, never have been.
I like the idea of reading ... 
it's just there is always something else I'd rather do...

....until now!

Audible Books!!!
are Perfect!
Quilting and Listening = Time well spent!

Finishing up Book 2 in the Outlander series... took a while
it was a long one .. 45 hours!
Since I've watch the tv series and knew the direction of the story - 
this book was a great filler (actually started this one last
Fall and would listen off and on!)

This book I borrowed from my daughter and 
actually sat, flipped the pages and was drawn into 
this unbelievable story of survival - hope and love.
Highly recommend this one!

Another Audible book
of a women standing up for herself thru life...
another good read.

The first in this series is Magpie Murders and it took a bit to get into
and after  becoming accustomed to the authors writing
I couldn't stop listening and knew I had to find more of his books!

Both were great murder mysteries!

Today I'm preparing the second month of
Afternoon Delight...
and wouldn't ya know - the appliqué wheel is 
spinning opposite from the pattern!

Oh Well...proceed ahead!!

That's all for now ~ Have a wonderful February!

Have a great Quilty Day and enjoy the process!

Saturday, February 1, 2020

New Project and two Quilt Retreats!

The "Afternoon Delight" pattern by Susan Garman
has been on my bucket list for some time,
it is also now a free block of the month on 'The Quilt Show'
... so why not get started?!
Let the Fun begin!!

The background fabric is:
Garden Delights II by Gray Sky Studio
for In The Beginning fabrics

the appliqué will be done in a variety of
Tilda fabrics

getting a few fabrics cut for the first month!

January  is a two retreat month for me!
Very exciting and very exhausting!!

The first retreat was held at the Salvation Army 
Wonderland Conference Center in Sharon, Ma.
I've been attending this retreat for 12 years
and it is by far my favorite.

The conference center has a beautiful view of Lake Massapoag
The  food was fabulous - with meals at 
8:00am, 12:00, 6:00pm and cookies at 8:00pm!)
my room is good but the bathroom is TINY!!
I have the same room every year - so I know what to expect!

The quilting room is huge- accommodating 35 quilters
and all of our Quilty paraphernalia there
was still plenty of room!

My little work station!
Loving my extra large folding extension table
from Tableextension.com
it really provides a nice big level work space
for "Inga" my cute little featherweight!

Main focus was the get 'Afternoon Delight' started...
using a fusible applique sheet and 
the Apliquick method of prepared edge. 

three blocks done and one more to prepare...

Once the edges are prepared
I used a few dots of Roxanne glue to tack the
the applique motif to the background...
and now it is all ready to sit and stitch down!!

The main reason why this retreat in my favorite...
there are a few places to sit and stitch
with groupings of chairs by gas fireplaces...

but my absolute favorite spot is the comfy chair by the window.
With a bright day, comfy chair and a hot cup of tea
I was able to get two hours of peaceful (blissful) hand quilting done!

 Doesn't look like much but this was my weekends accomplishments...
four different projects!!
'Afternoon Delight' block, 
star for 'Star for a New Day' (old project!)
'Pretty Little Pots' pattern by Wendy Williams
Halloween Figs Sampler -  BOM by Fat Quarter shop

Trying a new pattern for my 2020 Temperature quilt....
not sure I'm happy with the design...
plan on finishing the month of January
and then decide if I want to continue with this pattern or 
change patterns or
 discontinue the project all together!

The Silver City Quilt Guild hosted
Heidi Proffetty 
award-winning local quilter who
creates beautiful mosaic art quilts
using a digital cutter.

Heidi's work is just outstanding!

 If you check out her blog heidiproffetty.com
to see her new series of Moroccan Mosaic Quilts.

My second retreat was at the Bayside Hotel on Cape Cod...
basically the same set up as the first retreat!

This little bag was a handmade birthday gift 
from my sister Karen ...
It was the perfect little ditty bag for all my 
extension wires, ear buds and apple plugs!
Thank you Big Sister!!

Here is the  view from the Bayside doorway!
Just love the smell of the ocean and bogs...
even the bogs at low tide!

Making headway on the first of two of these 
Halloween applique blocks...

 These blocks were two days worth of work...

and this Comfort Quilt was a day's quilting for
the SCQG Community Service quilts...

January is early for this beauty to arrive...

but he is such a handsome Bluebird!

January is a wrap...
let see what the Bluebird of Happiness brings for February!

Have a great Quilty Day and enjoy the process!