Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sewing Room Tour

Ok I'm procrastinating again ... I've cleaned off my sewing table and it's ready for the next project - but I just had to check out some of my favorite blogs! I was inspired by my friend Jessica's sewing room video ... now I have not mastered the art of video and uploading it into my blog (that's a task for another day!)  but I did take pictures of my sewing room in hopes that it might inspire someone else! Plus if you are like me you just love seeing other quilter's sewing rooms!!

My sewing room a good size 12 x 13 - and I have every inch utilized to the max!

This is what I see as I walk into my sewing room  my beautiful children's baby pictures and high school pictures, along with my 3 tiered monkeypod server - which sits on top of the Spool Cotton thread box (which I blogged about here) and  a 4 drawer chest that hold everything from scissors, pins, tape measures, golden threads, steam-a-seam sheets to blocks from 3 block swaps (which are waiting patiently to be put together!)

In the center of my sewing room I have my sewing table facing my computer desk and my cutting table at the end. My cutting table also has my pressing station there as well. My library of way too many books is right by my desk - making it handy to read over patterns and get inspiration and ideas.

It makes a nice work space block that I can walk around and get lots accomplished.
Behind this is my fabric closet which has about half of my fabric stored
neatly away by grouping:
New and Funky; Asian Imports; American Asians, Kaffe, Amy and Batiks. 

I did give my dear hubby one small shelf to store his notebooks on!!

And in the corner next to the fabric closet is my entertainment section! With my flat screen TV and my iPod docking station all on top of my antique treadle sewing machine!

My design wall is actually a quilt display that has the latest project
(my daughters T-shirt quilt) pinned onto it!
Not the best of design walls but it will do in a pinch!!

I hope you enjoyed my tour of my sewing room - let me know what you think.
Happy Quilting! 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Back to Bag Making!

It has been a bit since I've made any bags - but this one, from Terry Atkinson's
Groovy Girls Sewing Club, was a dream to whip up!
I'll be introducing it at my favorite local quilt shop Quilter's Stash 
in December during Demo Day!
It's a great roomy shopping bag that folds up to almost nothing!

It measures 12" x 7" x 12" and stands up nice and straight, then with a few folds it compacts down to this...

I think I'll make a bunch and use them when I grocery shop!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Wee Wonderfuls: 24 Dolls to Sew and Love By Hillary Lang

I was procrastinating tonight when I should have been sewing - I have a few deadlines to meet but thought I'd check in on a few of my favorite blogs and found this way too cute and adorable Youtube clip. It's Friday ~ Enjoy!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Quiet Week

I've had a quiet week as far as quilting goes - now I'm looking at the mess on my cutting table (the place where everything seems to land) and feel the need to organize and put away everything before I can start anything new. Do things ever get like that for you? Your so busy with projects and getting things done and then all of a sudden BOOM it hits you - you actually have to take a break - take a deep breath sometimes a few deep breaths and walk away from the sewing table for a day or two. That's what this week has been for me - a week long deep breath! Now I feel ready to clear off the table and start in on my class samples for my classes at my favorite local quilt shop.  For those of you who love to organize I'd love to know your best organizational tip! My best project organizational item are the plastic bins you get at the quilt shops and craft stores...

I love these project bins ... I have to admit I have a dozen of them!! I keep my most current works-in-progress in each bin along with any special patterns, templates thread etc. Then when I am ready to work on a specific project or if I'm going on a quilt weekend I just select a few bins and off I go - everything I need for the project is in the box!

I feel that if I'm not organized I'll get "Lost in a paper bag"!!!
I guess I just hate not knowing where something is and taking the time to find thing!

So share your best tip - I'd love to hear about it!