Tuesday, March 29, 2011

An Old Fashion Sewing Bee ...

Ok so really when was the last time you participated in an old fashion sewing bee??? For me - never. Don't get me wrong I have my "Quilty Gal Pals" over Monday night and we sit and quilt but always on our own little projects. It's really more of a social night than a sewing night - but we do get a few things accomplished!

Last Saturday my guild had an old fashion sewing bee! You see my Quilty Gal Pal  Diana and I are in charge of the guild's raffle quilt for our Sept show! Yes we are running a bit behind but wait till you see the quilt! It's awesome!  

I brought it to sit and sew and had seven ladies all take a space around the quilt and work on the embellishing of the some of the crazy square blocks!


I had so much fun to sitting around and focusing
on one project with a bunch of "Quilty Gal Pals"

That's what I love most about quilting -
it brings women together to form lasting friendships.

Right now the crazy quilt is on my dining room table -
everytime I walk by I stop and add a few more embellishments!
It's addictive! I keep saying "Oh what's one more bead or flower or ribbon"!!
I've decided I'm a compulsive embellisher!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

RNQG Quilt Show and the Supper Quilt

The show was incredible ~ everyone did a fabulous job putting it together.
Having The Supper Quilt was certainly a big draw for quilters and non-quilters alike.
Everyone was in awe of this absolutely beautiful quilt.

The quilt was made by Donald Locke of Texas.
It took him 2 years to make the quilt, and it was quilted by Linda Taylor.
Each of the squares started out as 1 inch square! that means they are 1/2 inch finished!
and he used a little feather weight to sew this creation!! Unbelievable!
For more details check here.

I loved the show for other reasons ... selfish reasons!!!!

As soon as I arrived and walked thru the door one of my quilty gal pals came up to me,
hugged me and said "Did you See?" "See what I just go t here"
Then she grabbed my hand lead me over to one of my quilts
where I found a "Judges Choice - Best of Show" ribbon!!!
Thank you Marianne for keeping me contained!
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry ... so I cried!
It is just so exciting to make something, share it with others
and have them really appreciate what you do.
So here I am with my quilt and my ribbon!
Layered Circles - RNQG Judge's Choice - Best of Show

Then .... once I came down from the clouds ...
another quilty gal pal came up and said the same thing
only it was for my other quilts in the show ....
OK - now I'm on the floor and they've come out with the putty knife to scrape me up!!!

Horseshoe Crabs and Sand Dollars - Judges Choice- Hand quilting

Stars in the Garden - Judges Choice - Applique

OKAY so it's taken me a day or two to come down from the clouds - I still can not believe I won three Judges ribbons. OH and three Vendor Choice ribbons! Just unbelievable!

As I white gloved around the show and marveled over all the other quilts,
not just quilts but - works of art,
I felt so privilege to be amongst such a talented group of ladies.

Thank you RNQG for a fabulous quilt show.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Despicable Me - Agnes HD

I took a crafty break the other night and sat with
my daughter to watch the movie Despicable Me.
It is one of my daughter's favorite movies!
Mine too!!
Well did I ever see a few similarities between little Agnes and my Victoria!
If  little Agnes was blue eyed and lighter hair they could be twins!
This clip just sums it all up

Agnes is by far the cutest character in the movie ....
and so is Victoria ... Cute that is!

Here she is at 4 ... Yup, she's a Cutie Pie!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Yes Spring has Sprung ... at least inside my house!!!

I have a huge wall in my entry way that was designed for ONE purpose...
to display my quilts!
This is my quilt for Spring.
"Springtime Impression"
The pattern is from Rebecca Wat's book Fantastic Fabric Folding.

I made this quilt back in 2005 and it is my favorite for spring.
It features 125 Batik folded flowers!
Thats a lot of folding!
TIP: I used frey check around all of the edges - not that batiks
frey very much - but I was not taking a chance!
The flowers start out as a 6 inch square and then you fold and fold and fold to get this....

 I tacked the tip of each petel down (I actually use this quilt!)
and I added a pearl bead for the center.
I think this was the start of my beading adventure!


6 Batik FQ's

My newest adventure with batiks .... a sample for Quilter's Stash - Groovy Girls Class!
Terry Atkinson's Four Patch Farmhouse - great pattern!
Whips up very nice!

Just six fat quarters ... 3 light and 3 dark
make up this great little table runner!
I love when a quilt pattern is so versitle you can make it in
all sizes from a 3 block table runner all the way up to a queen size quilt!
And the best part ... selecting out all of the fabrics!!