Monday, April 27, 2015

Still pinching myself!!

One of my friends snapped this picture of my quilt and ribbon!

Wow! Paducah!
I'm still pinching myself!

Many hours were spent quilting this quilt …
but it was all to push myself to start quilting my own quilts.
I had fun with it and that's what was important to me…
to learn and have fun!

Now to have fun with another quilt!!

Latest finish …. a cute bag!

Found this cute typewriter fabric in my stash
and it was just screaming at me to make it into a Bag!!
So I did!

It has a zippered top

Inside features an inset zippered pocket
and plenty of slip pockets

Having made so many bags, this was
a combination of 3 or 4 bags I've made in the past.
Measures 12" wide x 11" tall x 4" depth.
Originally the handles were long (18"), but wanting 
the handles to stand up on their own - they were shortened to 11"
Makes a great business tote - it fits a file folder perfectly!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Winter Days in Shades of Taupe heading off to HMQS !

Last week Winter Days in Shades of Taupe
was Finally finished!!
Taking longer than expected - I hit a quilting block!
Just wasn't sure how I wanted to quilt it ….
 so it sat on my sewing machine for months!

The dilemma 
when an embroidered quilt is quilted some times the 
quilting takes away from the embroidery.

Wanting to showcase the hand embroidery stitches
and the beautiful Japanese Taupe fabrics
I decided to quilt each block separately,
instead of the feather motif in the border -
which was the original plan.

Here is an example of one block

I'm happy with the results…
the quilting gave me a chance to practice
my feathers and other motifs, and it did not
take away from the beauty of the fabrics

I created the unique quilt label by
using a few of the embroidery motifs,
taking pieces of each and rearranging them,
the wording was printed off the computer,
and using a light bock the design 
was transferred onto the fabric
and hand embroidered! 

Notice the addition to the finish date!!
the quilt was actually all done and quilting started…
but then that pesky quilty block happened
so instead of picking out my "4"
I just added the "5"!
Works for me!!

Lesson learned: Don't finish the Label before the Quilt!!

Now she is off to Utah for the
Home Machine Quilting Show!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

EXCITING News from Paducah ….!

Ok just PINCH me ….

Last night I received a text from my friend Linda…
she is at the awards ceremony when ….
the announcement was made….

Funky Garden on Red


a THIRD place ribbon!!!

in the category:
BED QUILTS: Home Machine Quilted 
sponsored by AccuQuilt

just PINCH me ….
am I dreaming??

Way back in 2007 my sister and I 
went to the Paducah show,
and I can remember thinking…
"WOW,  what would it be like 
to have a quilt accepted into this show?
Wouldn't that be Something!"

Never in my wildest dreams 
did I think one of my quilts would ever be there …. 
and win a ribbon!!!

I was on Cloud Nine just know my
quilt was accepted into the show!

My 2007 trip to Paducah was a 
Christmas gift from my husband! 
(Yup he's a keeper!)

Karen and I had so much fun!

taking a class from Jane Sassamen
sadly eight years later - 
this project from  Jane's class is 
STILL in an unfinished project bin!!! UGH!

We met Eleanor Burns
on opening day of her shop
"Quilt in a Day"
Funny story: 
Karen and I are in the shop and it was 
SO unbelievably warm and crowded,
we looked at each other and said at the same time
"Why is it so crowded in here?"
a very politely irritated lady in front of us turned around
gave us dagger eyes and very dryly said:
"Well it is Opening Day"
needless to say we were slightly embarrassed,
scurried to the door and
as we exited the shop we bumped into (literally)
Eleanor Burns!!
(she was very gracious!!)

We went to Metropolis to see Superman

Ricky Tim's brought his Show Horse!

And I fell in LOVE with…

Hawaiian Quilts
Kula Garden by Satuko Kato
 and Japanese Taupe Fabrics

It was a fabulous trip that will never be forgotten…

and now my Funky Garden Quilt is there 
hanging around with the Big Girls (and Boys) of quilting…

Pinch ME!

Dreams do come true!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

MQX East 2015 favorites … In no particular order!

The MQX 2015 show was wonderful!
Lots of eye candy!

Especially nice was the special exhibit by
"Sew Kind of Wonderful"
just love Jenny Pedigo's style of quilting

The Cathy Wiggens exhibit
"Evolution of an Artist - Fifteen years of Quilting"
was outstanding!
What Cathy can do with leather is just mind boggling!
Sadly no pictures as my phone lost charge

Here are a few of my favorites….
for no particular reason except they made me smile!

9 Patch Windmill by Birgit Schueller of Germany

features 1" squares, 9 sets of gradating values, 9 colors
arranged in different 9 patch block settings.
Love how the quilting reminds me of my
Spirograph drawing set I had as a kid!

The BEST of SHOW!!
"Free Falling"
by Kathie Beltz of Greenfield NH
quilted by Mara Novak

from a Deb Tucker design
Kathy caught the essence of falling Maple leaves

the quilting by Mara Novak 
was just outstanding and brought this quilt to life.

"Happy Daze"
by Marty Young of Barton VT

using a Sue Garmen pattern and
lots of bright fun fabrics
this quilt no only made me smile
it made me Laugh!
I LOVED this quilt - it had such a Happy vibe!
will definitely have to put this one
on my quilty bucket list!

and the quilting by Flo Verge was… 

a Swoon pattern in SILK!!
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL

with incredible quilting
sadly I forgot to take a picture of the name card
so I can not give credit where credit is due.
But trust me it was a Beauty!!

Because the ocean has a special place in my heart
the beach is my "happy place"!
This quilt just sang to me!

"The End of the Line"
by Joanne Baeth of Bonanza OR
Inspired by the Oregon Coast and her fishermen husband and son
Joanne created and quilted this lovely piece on her Bernina!

Okay! that's my favorites from MQX!
Hope you enjoyed the show!!

Happy Quilting, Janet

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Silver City Raffle Quilt wins a Ribbon at MQX!!

Congratulations to the Silver City Quilt Guild
their raffle quilt "Caribbean Breeze"

won a second place ribbon at MQX
in the Quilts Among Friends Category!!

The quilt is BIG! 
110 inches x 110 inches Big!
It is a paper pieced pineapple log cabin style quilt,
made by members of SCQG
and quilted by 
Dora Dorval
Mary Ann Zonenshine

Fabulous job done by all!

I think I'll buy a few extra raffle tickets!
Because after all who wouldn't want to win
an Award Winning Quilt!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Hawaiian Quilting with Nancy Lee Chong!

Last week I had the privilege of meeting Nancy Lee Chong,

Quilter's by the Sea of Portsmouth R.I. invited her to give an evening lecture and two workshops.
The evening lecture was both informative and inspirational …

This is the first quilt Nancy ever made!

It is a queen size!
Yes - you heard me ….
she was a non-quilter before beginning this beauty!

Here she is (sorry the picture is not the best)
with her Hawaiian Baltimore Album style quilt!

It was just lovely.

The next day was the "Hawaiian Appliqué" class which was fabulous!
Here is my "Plumeria"

It is a 20 inch block all positioned and pinned - ready for basting.
We learned all the tips and tricks to make a queen size!

The pattern "Rainbow over Lana'i (pineapple) (84" x84") 
came home with me for the future!!!

Wouldn't it look just spectacular in a deep blue / green!!??

I have made two other Hawaiian style quilts,
Horseshoe Crabs and Sand dollars

Blue Hibiscus (pattern by Pacific Rim Quilt Co.)

but there is nothing like taking a class from a master!
Nancy Lee Chong is a master for sure!